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Yes, its that time again….goal setting – everyone is talking about it, posting about it and instagraming about it….and so are we. This time last year, I got so distracted and overwhelmed by everyone ELSE’s goals and successes that I simply got depressed (classic case of ‘compare turning into despair’)! I am determined to NOT let that happen this year. Thankfully I have my {well} business partner Kelly by my side who helps me stay focused and keeps our BIG to do lists organized! We have created worksheets for our other project, The {well} Summit, women entrepreneurs who love the Lord, so I figured “why not share them with YOU”.

Although the term “goal setting”  is to the point about what we are trying to accomplish, we are choosing to call our plan REFLECT and REFOCUS 2013! For some reason goal setting includes this gut feeling that you have already failed. If we are honest with ourselves, for the most part our goals are the same from year to year….we just need to REFOCUS!

Go ahead and download our FREE Reflect & Refocus 2013 worksheets here – and follow the steps below:

STEP 1 – REFLECT – reflect on the last year – good and bad.

1. List 5 Accomplishments in your Life – time to celebrate YOU – think friendships, previous year goals, weight loss, exercise, spiritual, parenting, marriage.

2. List 5 people of influence in your life – who has made a difference in your life, loved you well, served you, cared for you? After you write them down, get out 5 notecards, write them a note of thanks and stick them in the mail.

3. List 5 places you went – can be a trip, a good restaurant, a conference…

4. List 5 ways you served – this is for you only…reflect on how you gave back and what it meant to you

5. List 5 accomplishments in your business – we can focus too much on what we didn’t do, take time to celebrate what you DID do

6. List the fears you overcame…think about it, you had them….what did you do about them?

7. What were your favorite clients or projects? How do you duplicate that for 2013. Write that favorite client a thank you note.

8. List 5 disractions in your life the last year – people, technology, social media, comparisons, material things…

9. List 5 ways God provided or answered a prayer this year (remember, an answer of ‘no’ is an answer too) – reflect on his faithfulness

10. List 5 things, people, experiences, changes, etc you are thankful for.

All these lists above can be longer – this is just a place to get you started. If you have time, grab a journal and expand each list. It is good for the soul.

Step 2 – REFOCUS  – refocus your dreams, desires and ideas that already exist and reignite your passion to pursue them

1. 5 Relationships I want to deepen – Social media has overwhelmed us with “friends” – who are those 5 people you want to grow a deeper relationship with this year….invest your time there, make time with them count….make time with them, period.

2. 5 People I want to collaborate with – A friend of ours set this goal last year for her business and I watched her fulfill 4/5 – It was awesome to see it happen! Speak it, let those people know, and establish a plan. This can be for business or life.

3. 5 books I want to read – List them out, then get on Amazon or go by Half Price Books and buy (or download) them. If you buy them, create a pretty stack on your desk or nightstand topped off with a lovely candle so you are reminded through the year that they need your attention. Feel free to go buy yourself a new pen and highlighter….channel the wonderful days of school supply shopping.

4. Things that inspire me…make me happy, get me excited, motivate me, get me out of bed, make me smile – what are these things? Surround yourself with them MORE this year – make this LIST LONG

5. 5 Things to Delete – we know we could all start with “friends” on Facebook, or this could be time watching TV, Social media, this could be relationships in your life that are pulling you down, it could be a business idea that is not working and keeping you distracted, this could be a responsibility at home or your job that you need to delete off of YOUR plate and delegate to someone else. Remember: “you can’t be everything to everyone” and “you can’t do it all”

6. 5 New ideas – keep it to 5. It could be 5 in business and 5 in life – but keep it simple – don’t overwhelm yourself!

7. 5 Life Goals – these are the BIG ones (projects, relationships, changes) you want to accomplish this year

8. 5 Business Goals – projects, organization, collaborations, events, etc

9. 5 ways to serve others – where and how do you want to serve this year. Make a plan, it may be more or less than 5 but make a plan. This could be volunteering time, resources, product, mentoring, cooking or simply loving on someone.

10. 10 things to organize in Life and Business – Create your action steps for each part of your life – get very specific. If you have a calendar, document actual to do steps, time allotted and dates for the action steps for the month of January.  For instance, January 3rd spend 10 minutes cleaning out that junk drawer in the kitchen. January 5th spend 2 hours preparing your taxes. Start the year off with measurable action steps!

Join us as we work through our REFLECT & REFOCUS 2013 Plan. 2013 will be an AWESOME year!

Tell us about your REFLECT & REFOCUS Plan!

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